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  • Roberto Napolitano

The Magic World of Johan Sebastian Bach

In this Prelude in E Flat Minor from the Well Tempered Clavier Book I you can find all the melancholy of the great German composer.

What my teacher used to say

“Bach is essential for every pianist. Bach is the beginning of everything. As a musician you cannot live without it".

When I was a child studying at the Music Academy I used to hate Bach. I could not understand it, I could not play it well. I found his compositions extremely difficult both to play and memorise.

But now, as an adult, I love him, I cannot play the piano without starting with his beautiful Preludes from the Well Tempered Clavier. They are a pleasure to play and an exercise both for the hears and for the fingers.

The Prelude in E Flat Minor

This is one of the slow preludes from Book I. It is characterised by soft arpeggio like chords with the left and a simple and melancholic melody played by the right hand.

It is technically not very demanding, but you must apply great expression and attention to the quality of the sound with a relaxed and fluid approach to the keyboard.

Listen and Dream

I hope you enjoy this home recording. Feel free to leave any comments or contact me to ask me any questions.

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